Friday, December 21, 2007

Is This Year Over YET?

It seems like this year, 2007 in case it takes me another year to update the blog, has been going on forever. Not that its all bad, it just seems to be the never ending year throwing never ending curve balls.

Now there were some high points, so its not ALL bad. Being able to take my kids to see Miley Cyrus (the current Queen of all that kids care about) and getting them backstage to meet her was one of the ultimate Dad moments. I finally got to see Paul McCartney live, at a very small show in New York. I got to see exciting Cubs PLAYOFF baseball in October, more on that later. I'm still working, which in itself is a triumph if you're in radio. And most importantly, I'm healthier than I was a year ago.

But there were also some very sad things that happened. The Cubs got to the playoffs but managed to lose three in a row. More than a dozen good friends lost their jobs, many as a result of budget cuts. People in my circle of friends died, most notably Amber Pope, the 36 year old former Marketing Director from my days in Denver. She, like the others, was taken far too soon.

Then there are the big picture things. I don't care what they say, the economy is in the tank. We're still at war and it seems that we find out about another deception or half truth that got us to war every week. The political season, one of my most favorite times every four years, has started and its already looking ugly. It almost makes me miss Donald Segretti. At least HIS dirty tricks were sometimes humorous.

2008 is certainly going to be the most interesting year yet. Who gets nominated and elected President and what will the current administration pull before they're out? What of the radio business? I already see myself as a content provider since I work with radio stations, HD Radio channels, and web streams. What new technology is next and how do we keep people interested in the existing technology? Will new ownership and the guy whose name I can't pronounce finally get the Cubs their first World Series victory in a century?

There is one other thing, and its a geek item. I dumped Charter, perhaps the worst cable provider on the planet (although I don't know what the Kabul cable company is like) for a new service called AT&T UVerse, which is (warning, geek talk ahead) IP based cable TV and Internet. They deliver it over my regular phone connection and it looks great. Then there's the 320 channels we get. Just wait for the next news crisis event. I'll be able to see it live on something like 12 news sources. And my favorite channel Boomerang is finally available. It takes so little to make me happy.

Much to think and comment about in the months ahead. i know I said I'd try to be more regular in my postings, and I'll say it again knowing full well that I may not be able to keep the promise.

At least a man can dream.

Monday, October 08, 2007

I Went To A Baseball Game and Ended Up At A Funeral

I'm still not exactly over it, but I was fortunate enough to go to the only Cubs postseason game of 2007 at Wrigley Field. Incredible weather, really great vibe in and out of the field before the game, ran into lots of people I know, which sort of frightened me.

First pitch, home run for the DBacks. When DeRosa hit in to the DP in the 5th, the place became as quiet as a library. There was a short rally later that got the fans into the game, but when nothing happened, people shut up or left.

I went to a baseball game and ended up seeing a funeral. After the game, no great cheer for the team, like “thanks for the season”. Fair amount of boos, but mostly indifference and disbelief. People at Bernie’s and Sluggers were in horrible moods after the game, really sad to see how quickly they could turn on the team. We were lucky to have one game n October at Wrigley, I’m thankful for that.

Next year will be under new ownership, most of the team will come back, and Sweet Lou seemed sincere in his dedication to bringing a winner home. Let’s hope so.

Meanwhile, I’m waiting on the e mail from that the NLDS series t shirts have been reduced from their original price of $24.95 to 10 bucks.

Friday, May 18, 2007

If I only had the time...

Sadly, I return to the blog to see its beel over six months since I've posted. Not that anyone is reading, but I'll try to use the posting feature more often so I can at least make comments that aren't from tne Nixon Administration.

Stand by for more.