Friday, August 09, 2013

If This Video Doesn't Stop You From Texting While Driving, You Are Not Human

I don't have a lot to say about this, because sometimes a video will tell a story in a way that I could never attempt to.  This is one of those videos.

The acclaimed writer, director, and producer Werner Herzog was commissioned to produce this documentary about what is politely called "Distracted Driving" for the "It Can Wait" campaign sponsored by AT&T.  The film is called "From One Second To The Next".  You just have to watch it to understand how powerful and heartbreaking the message is.

Watch this.  Watch it with your family. Watch it with your kids if they're of driving age or will be driving soon.  But take the 35 minutes to REALLY watch this.

I'm a huge fan of technology, and I use it all the time.  But I also know texting, and even walking and texting or talking on the phone, kills.  If you or your family or friends have any doubts about why you texts, phone calls, checking your e mail or whatever can wait, you shouldn't after watching this film.

And if you still don't get it, you not only don't have a heart, you haven't got much of a brain.

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