Monday, July 14, 2008


I have been known on occasion to write for the radio industry's publication Radio and Records Street Talk Daily. With the baseball All Star Break upon us, I've written an article for that fine publication's Tuesday issue. However, circumstances beyond my control make me think the piece won't be published, so here it is for your reading pleasure. Its a brag on the runaway success of the 2008 Chicago Cubs, known as my heroes.

Tonight is the night of the Midseason Classic, the All Star Game in the soon to be demolished Yankee Stadium. As part of my plan to appear in these pages less often in hopes of garnering more votes in the upcoming R&R Awards polling, I’ve saved my tales of the glory of the 2008 CENTENNIAL CHAMPION CHICAGO CUBS. However, I cannot resist sharing the joy of this year’s Cubosity with your three (now four because you’ve added a reporter) readers.

At this, the 2008 All Star Break, the Cubs have THE BEST RECORD IN ALL OF BASEBALL and are in firm control of the National League Central. Eight, count ‘em, EIGHT Cub players are on the field at Yankee Stadium tonight for the All Star Game. You will see more Cubs starting the All Star Game than you ever have, and the exhibition of finesse and power they will put on will stun you more than the success of the Katy Perry record.

Enjoy tonight’s performances from members of the TEAM OF DESTINY, and remember, there is still time to find yourself a place on the Cubs Championship Bandwagon. I’m holding the seating charts, so please contact me if you’d like a place before we have to use the overflow cars, which are repurposed diaper transport vehicles from the Pitt/Jolie household.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

So Many Thoughts, So Little Time

Much to comment on, and that will happen this week.

  • The First Place Chicago Cubs, featuring the best record in baseball at the All Star break.
  • The Song Of The Summer
  • Why I haven't posted here in forever
  • The joy of FriendFeed

But perhaps the most important and disturbing thing is that it now sees that I will never get to realize one of my professional dreams. Being the voice on the end of a commercial that says "Anheuser-Busch, St. Louis, Missouri".

Oh the humanity...