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The Assault On Anywhen via Chris Brogan

I enjoy reading the posts and thoughts of Chris Brogan.  He's a smart guy.  He's the kind of guy who shares openly.  He's taught me a lot.  Today, I got the following post from Chris, and I have to tell you that it really hit home with me.  Its what I've wanted to say to a number of people for some time nowSpending the last four days dealing with a miserable Blackberry experience that has taken up far too much of my time, the rigors of work, and trying to find time for my family, I feel the same way Chris does. 

Thanks to Chris Brogan for articulating what so many of us feel.  And thanks for allowing me to share this with my network.  Hopefully we cal ALL learn from Chris this time.  You can find the original post at:[]%29#

I’m frustrated. I just spent about 20 hours without connection to the web. No email. No Twitter. No blog comments. No nothing. The technical reason was that my flight was seriously delayed, then held in the air, and then when I got to the UK (where I write this), I learned that neither of my phones is GSM-enabled, so I’m without communications technology.

But none of that is why I’m frustrated.

I have SEVERAL emails from people complaining that they didn’t hear back from me. In most of them, it was within 24 hours of the original mail. In other times, I hadn’t been in touch and it was okay that they nudge me. But the ones from within 24 hours. Seriously?

This Has to Stop

None of us are performing surgery (unless you are). You’re not calling me for the antidote to a poison. We MUST police ourselves about our sense of urgency. What happens, and I can be guilty, is that when WE need something, we push for it, not really taking into consideration the other side of the equation. So instead of just ticking something off our list, we come off as insistent and insensitive to other people’s situations.

How I Am Going to React

I’m saying no. I’m going to say no to a BOATLOAD of things I’ve originally said yes to, simply because I’m very frustrated. I can appreciate your need to get things done. I can appreciate your wanting to include me. But I can’t be held to a 24 hour clock.

We’re Ruining Anywhen

Anywhen: the problem the Internet solved. I’m blogging this at 4:38AM eastern time. It’s 9:38AM UK time. You can read this anyWHEN. See the beauty of it?

(AnyWHERE is what telephones solve. Get it?)

But when we have everyone held to urgency and time locks, we’ve ruined Anywhen. And I am a citizen of that world. I am an Internet person who is being pushed to constrained time, and I think I’m done.

(Mind you, I’m severely jet-lagged, had a really really bad day of travel, and haven’t had access to the net for a while, so I’m also a bit over-reactive.)

But please, can we please lose our addiction to urgency? Because I’m in a serious mood to defend AnyWHEN vigorously.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cubs set out on mission of redemption | News

MESA, Ariz. -- Lou Piniella has a good idea about who his leadoff man will be, and his closer is set in Carlos Marmol. The main issue this spring for the Cubs will be sorting out the rest of the pitching staff, and that begins in earnest on Thursday, when pitchers and catchers have their first workout at 11:05 a.m. CT/10:05 a.m. MT.

"We've done some really nice things over the winter," Piniella said Wednesday. "We didn't need a major overhaul -- all we needed was some fine tuning. That's exactly what Jim [Hendry, general manager] did here. We've got some work to do with our pitching. That's an area we're going to have to work hard here in Spring Training."

Injuries slowed the Cubs last season, and they will start practice on Thursday with two players already sidelined. Angel Guzman has a torn meniscus in his right knee, injured when he was working out in Venezuela, and he underwent arthroscopic surgery two weeks ago in Arizona. Guzman, who could fill the job of right-handed setup man if Hendry can't find anyone else, is expected to be ready by Opening Day.

Jeff Gray, acquired from the Oakland Athletics, has a moderate groin strain and will be held out of drills at the start. He'll be a couple of weeks behind the others.

The only other pitcher who won't be able to throw on Thursday is starter Ted Lilly, who underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left shoulder in early November. Lilly could be ready by mid-April, but in the meantime, the Cubs will be auditioning starter candidates to sub for the lefty as well as fill the fifth spot. The contenders include Carlos Silva, Jeff Samardzija, Sean Marshall and Tom Gorzelanny.

"We've got enough people to look at," Piniella said.

Plenty of players have gotten a head start on camp by reporting early to Fitch Park. Both Piniella and Hendry felt the players were motivated by last year's disappointing second-place finish in the National League Central.

"We had a real good feeling about the group," Hendry said. "They had a little edge to them. They came to the [Cubs] Convention [in January] looking like they wanted to get started already."

"That's possible," Lilly said. "Failure is a major motivator. In my opinion, us not getting to the playoffs is considered failing. We have a lot of talent, and we expect that from ourselves. Success tastes really good, and you want to continue to be a part of that. Our club, and with the guys we have and the guys who have been around, is just going to get hungrier."

The first full-squad workout is not until Monday, but several position players are already in camp, and new hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo will be in the cages early with them.

Piniella has his message ready for the club.

"The message is, let's get back on top," Piniella said. "The message is we finished second in this division last year with a lot of things that went wrong for us. The message is let's work hard, get ready for a championship season, and let's add another 10-12 wins to our total last year and give ourselves a chance in the postseason."

This could be Piniella's last chance at getting to the playoffs. He's in the last year of his contract.

"I've got enough confidence in my ability to do the job," Piniella said. "I'm going to go out and try to win as many games as we possibly can. We have a new ownership group here, they're excited about owning the Cubs, they want to win, they're competitive and that's what we want to do for them. My situation, we can worry about that at the end of the year."

This is his 23rd season managing, and Piniella said he does not want his status to be a distraction.

"Nothing's changed," Piniella said. "I've never really wanted to talk about my situation. My disposition as a manager is to stay in the background and let the players stay in the forefront. They're the ones the people come out to the ballpark to see play, and they're the ones who win and lose baseball games for you."

Jaramillo is the only change on the Cubs' coaching staff, although Piniella has tweaked the assignments for two others. Ivan DeJesus will now be the first-base coach while Matt Sinatro will handle the catchers and work with pitching coach Larry Rothschild on scouting reports.

"I think it's a change that will prove to be beneficial for this team," Piniella said.

The other new, but very familiar, face in camp will be Greg Maddux, who has been added as a special assistant to Hendry.

"We'll have Greg do a lot of everything," Hendry said of the four-time Cy Young winner, who won his first with the Cubs in 1992.

Maddux will work with Rothschild and Minor League pitching coordinator Mark Riggins as well as go to games with Hendry and assistant general manager Randy Bush to learn how to evaluate players.

"We'll try to give him a little bit of everything in the first year," Hendry said. "We'd be foolish to think he couldn't help the players on the field."

"All the young pitching talent we have, he'll be invaluable," Piniella said.

Once the Super Bowl ended, Piniella said his focus shifted full-time to baseball. He was ready to get going, too.

"I look forward to this," he said. "There's a challenge to get back on top. I look forward to working with the players and getting the job done. As you get older, Spring Training is basically a fun time. You need to work hard and get ready for a championship season, but you can have fun here and relax a little, too.

"As you get older, you enjoy it more, because you know your time is getting shorter."

Right after the end of last season, I coined the term "2010 Cubs Season Of Redemption". What do I find on the Official Cubs Website today? The fabulous Carrie Muskat has PIRATED my phrase! This is plagiarism, I say, and I've been wronged by Major League Baseball.

I DEMAND COMPENSATION. Where's my invitation to throw out a first pitch? Where's the request to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"? Where's the JUSTICE?

Dear MLB: You CUT me and I keep on bleeding...

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

St. Louis Needs Mass Transit

Please plan NOW on voting YES on Proposition A in St. Louis County on April 6th.  As a user of mass transit, I thank you.


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

5 Ways To Avoid A Valentine’s Day Massacre! - Dad-O-Matic

It is Valentine%u2019s Day!  Time for everyone to get their heart on!  For us Dads it is one of those days (like birthdays, anniversaries, the day you and your significant other met, etc.) that is best not forgotten.  There are many ways to recognize the day and reveal your romantic side, and like most things in life, the best ways to show your love and appreciation and look more Cupid than stupid is to keep things simple and sincere.  With that in mind, here are%u2026

5 Ways To Avoid A Valentine%u2019s Day Massacre:

1. Flowers %u2013 Yes, a rose by any other name is still a rose, but giving a flower by any other name on Valentine%u2019s Day ain%u2019t gonna cut it.  Of course a dozen (or two) is best, but even a single long stem, elegantly and lovingly presented, goes a long way.  While roses come in a literal rainbow of colors these days, this is the one occasion when RED is a must.  Any roses are better than no roses, and in order of preference you can get your roses a) delivered, at a surprise location, by a florist, b) at your local supermarket, c) at a roadside stand, or d) cut, secretly, from the bush in your neighbor%u2019s yard.

2. Phone %u2013 If by some chance you are not with your Sweet Valentine today, make sure you call her before she calls you (and if you haven%u2019t already, stop reading this and do it now!). Make the call all about her, and how much you appreciate having her in your iife, etc. etc. etc.  This is the one day when you can%u2019t get too sappy, Even if you are with your Valentine today, use the phone to reach out and touch the other women in your life.  Valentine%u2019s Day is a great day to call moms, mothers-in-laws, sisters, daughters away from home, and tell them you love and appreciate them.

3. Food %u2013 It is no surprise that little cherub Cupid is on the pudgy side. From chocolates to breakfast in bed to dinner at a favorite restaurant, food is a wonderful way to nourish the heart on Valentine%u2019s Day. For many guys, our preferred thing to make for dinner is a reservation, but as Digital Dad CC Chapman recommends, Valentine%u2019s Day is also a great day to don the apron and actually cook for your better half.

4. Words %u2013 Cards are great, and they come in all shapes and sizes and now they even talk and play music, but don%u2019t leave it to Hallmark to make a real impression on your Valentine.  Whether you are a Shakespeare or not, today is the day to put a few sentiments in your own words.  If you are adventurous, write a poem (Haiku is easy and elegant).  There is no such thing as bad original poetry, especially on Valentine%u2019s Day.  Give it a shot, and whatever you choose to do, make sure your words are hand written!  Do not type and print them!

5. The other 364 Days of the year %u2013 And of course, the BEST way to avoid a Valentine%u2019s Day massacre is to not let today be the only day of the year you behave this way!  Flowers, sweet phone calls, food and words are ways you can be expressing your love and appreciation all year long.   Sprinkle them unexpectedly into your routine to keep your Valentine smiling all year round.  Do that, and every day can be Valentine%u2019s Day!

If you have some additional tips. please add them in the comments.  In any event, Happy Valentine%u2019s Day!

Jeff Sass is the proud dad of ZEO (Zach, 21, Ethan, 19 and Olivia, 18).  He is also a seasoned entertainment and technology exec and active social media enthusiast.  You can see more of Jeff%u2019s writing at Sassholes! and Social Networking Rehab.

Photo Credit: � AlienCat %u2013

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Friday, February 12, 2010

This is why you're fat. - Bacon Cheese Turtleburgers

Bacon Cheese Turtleburgers

Ground beef pattie topped with sharp cheddar cheese, wrapped in a bacon weave shell with hot dog head, legs and tail.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


An important message for the people of St. Louis County, where the future of the area's mass transit system will be decided in a vote on April 6. Please plan now to vote YES on Proposition A to keep mass transit running in Sr. Louis.

As a mass transit user, I personally thank you.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A WHOLE NEW MEANING OF NTR-Custom Ringtone | The Steve Dahl Show

Yes, that's right. Former Chicago ratings King Steve Dahl has gone to the Interwebz to do a daily podcast, and now he's added what we in radio call NTR, Non Traditional Revenue. The Stever will record a ringtone just for you for only 10 bucks, 15 if you want him to work "blue".

Its a whole new world.

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