Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Sad Day For St. Louis

Interesting, some people at work sent this to me as I toil away from home, a victim of the horrid transit system in St. Louis, unable to get to work on a snow day. I believe they did it to antagonize me. All it did was remind me to forget to approve their time sheets before the next payroll goes in.

This "artwork" was done at the site of Ballpark Village, a huge mixed use residential/office/retail development that was supposed to be built along with Busch "$5 for a bottle of water" Stadium nearly half a decade ago. The lot, like the dreams of many Cardinal fans, remains empty and one of the many Cards fans with no job and no hope had to vandalize public property, commit the act of breaking and entering, and deface a beautiful snowy scene.

As an American, I'm saddened by this crass display of tomfoolery that again taints the image of St. Louis and attacks the Chicago National League Ball Club. With a full three weeks before the start of Spring Training, it is clear to me that the Cardinal Nation has seen their future, and it is truly dismal. Given the choice of supporting the second tier Cardinals and the defending National League Central Champion Chicago Cubs, I would be a very sad person should I be forced by history or choice to support the Cardinals. Cardinals fans have already realized that their prospects of a successful 2009 season are as dim as seeing me in a Speedo while I'm in Boss Angeles for the Grammy Awards next week.

We are at a critical time in our country's history. The recession, wars around the world, and an uncertain future are things that should weigh heavily on the minds of right thinking souls. I have pity for the perpetrators of this lame stunt. This vandalism does not upset me as a Cubs fan as many hoped it would. It saddens me as a Child Of The Universe that the populace of St. Louis must stoop so low for cheap thrills.
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