Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My House Is A Sick Bay and Walgreen's SUCKS

So I've had this cold for the last couple of days. I went to Walgreen's to get real Sudafed today and waited 15 minutes in a line at the pharmacy that NEVER moved. So I left empty handed. Walgreen's is a sad sad excuse for a retailer, and I've had horrendous problems both in the pharmacies and the "front of the store". The stores are a shambles, and I can't believe the company lets itself do business in this way.

Enough about me. We found out today that two of my three kids has SWINE FLU. Its early, so they should be OK thanks to a great doctor and Tamaflu. Sadly, the only place we cold find Tamaflu was, that's right, WALGREEN'S. Long lines, surly staff, but the kids got the medication they really need. And in the end, Walgreen's got what THEY needed, the ability to put a stranglehold on the market for badly needed medicines, with no regard to service or the importance of repeat customers.

In the end, the important thing got done today. My kids got the prescription they need. I'm miserable, but they are on the road to recovery. And as far as Walgreen's goes, they've lost me as a customer once and for all. Unless their massive buying power gives them the corner on the market for a prescription.

CVS is coming to St. Louis very soon. I can't wait. In this world, you can only piss off a customer so many times before you lose them to another vendor, and today Walgreen's crossed the line. See ya, Charlie.

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