Thursday, January 07, 2010

A Vision Of What A Radio Can Be-Via Tom Webster/The Infinite Dial

I first saw a Pure Sensia radio on a trip to a client in the UK. While we have seen some kinds of versions of an Internet radio for at least a decade, this is the first I have seen to elegantly combine both 'Internet Radio' in any form with the touch-screen functionality of today's mobile phones and to leverage other Internet assets. With so many homes now having WiFi, this is an example of a well-thought-out radio that would truly make someone say: "Wow cool what's that" if they saw it in your living room.


The biggest problem in the short term is the price tag -- at $349 it is unlikely to find many customers, no matter how nice looking it is. That said, radio people should check it out for a vision of where our medium could go if those on the programming side started to also consider the hardware that is used to consume radio.

One can access the press release on the Pure Sensia here

Tom Webster is one of he really 'smart guys" in the radio world, and he has he vision to see what radio can be in the future. Few have the gift that he does for seeing the potential and the reality of radio. This post from his blog is a perfect example of Tom's understanding of what the future can hold.

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