Friday, October 08, 2010

A Week "On The Beach"

Its been a week since I was relieved of my duties after a long run programming radio stations in St. Louis.  To say I was shocked by the news would be an understatement, and it's taken the bulk of the last eight days to process what this all means.

First, I have to thank all the friends and people I don't even know for the very kind words of support and encouragement.  A very smart man I once worked for used to say that "all you have is your reputation", and I can see again how that makes complete sense.  I guess that other than a few cases, I've managed to keep my reputation intact and not honk off too many people along the way.

I've had a lot of time to think about what's next for me and my family, and have been contacted about a couple of very interesting opportunities.  I'm a "radio animal" at heart, and will always have the media in my blood.  But after a quarter century of programming radio stations, perhaps its time to do something else.  I'm a firm believer in the fact that things happen for a reason, and I am convinced that while a door has closed, a new and exciting one is about to open.

All my profiles on the Interwebz are updated, like LinkedInmy Google Profile, and even my website, Mark Edwards Online, where I've taken the liberty of posting my resume for your viewing pleasure.  That's the resume as of this minute.  I've gotten very valuable advice from a couple of career consultants on how to "punch it up" to show that I've had actual real world job experience while working in radio.  The updated resumes are to come.

The bulk of what I've been doing is working the phones and email looking for the right opportunity.  Most of the time, I've gotten calls returned and e mails answered, and I'm grateful for hiring managers (and a few auto-responding bots) for at least acknowledging that I've inquired about a job. 

Make no mistake about it, I'm treating looking for a job AS my job, getting up early in the morning, getting out of my jammies, and going to work at the computer and on the phone.  Its not easy, and I still have to deal with the boxes of stuff I brought home from my office of the last 6 1/2 years, but getting the word out and finding the next big thing are the top priorities now. 

Thanks to those who have stood by me and shared my shock and disbelief over this situation.  Thanks to those who have already spoken with me about opportunities and to those that might reach out after reading this.  Let me be brutally honest.  I need a job and can bring a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the right company, whether it be in broadcasting or other media platforms. 

Please look over all my information by following the links in this post or on the blog.  Let's make next week "Find Mark A Job" week in this great land of ours.  My whole family thanks you.
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