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R.I.P. Ron Santo, My All Time Favorite Cub

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We lost one of the greatest Cubs of all time Thursday as Ron Santo passed away at the age of 70.  I'm not here to recap his brilliant career as a player, broadcaster, and one of the world's biggest Cubs fans. You can find that kind of entry at this page created by the Chicago Tribune

Santo fought many battles in his life.  First, a lifelong battle with Diabetes, something that would have prevented most people from playing pro sports in the '60's, but not Ron Santo.  The Diabetes finally robbed Ron of his legs and he bravely dealt with the disease all his life.  But finally it was Cancer that took him from us. Ron fought hard to be included in the Baseball Hall Of Fame, but never got enough votes, either as a player, Veteran, or Broadcaster.  That was one of the great injustices in baseball history.  But worst of all, I don't think anyone wanted to see the Cubs win the World Series more than Ron Santo, and he never got to see that happen.

In case you don't remember or understand the importance of Ron Santo to the Cubs, listen to this audio tribute, courtesy of WGN Radio in Chicago.


If you've read this blog, you know I spent much of last season trying to get into the WGN Radio broadcast booth to help call a game.  Sure, I wanted to get on the radio to broadcast my heroes, but more than that, I wanted to have the memory of sitting in the same cramped Wrigley Field booth with my favorite baseball player of all time, the man whose number I proudly wore as the worst player on the Buffalo Grove Hippos, and a man I admired for so many reasons. 

Ron Santo never got into the Hall Of Fame.  He never saw his beloved Cubs win a World Series, but his spirit will be with the team and its fans for many years to come.  Here's hoping the 2011 Cubs dedicate their season to Ron Santo and work hard to give Ronnie at least one of the two things he really wanted, the World Series Trophy or a plaque in Cooperstown.

Rest in peace Ron.  Your fans thank you, love you, and miss you already.

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