Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kansas City Isn't Big Enough For Two Mark Edwards, So The Other One Has To Work In Lawrence

Mark EdwardsOne market (Kansas City), two radio guys named Mark Edwards. The Mark Edwards who’s programming in commercial radio for Entercom takes note of the Mark Edwards who’s coming to town as the classical music director at Kansas Public Radio and says “that’s not me.” The Mark Edwards at Entercom says “All is well here, I couldn’t be happier, and my Cubs are making some fairly intelligent off-season moves.” He’s “continuing on my mission to satisfy all the women of the Kansas City Metropolitan Area with the only station now playing soft rock [KUDL at 98.1], and the station that plays the music of Generation X.” That’s KGEX at 99.7. The Bach-and-Beethoven Mark Edwards comes to K.C. from New England.

A tip of the Cubs hat to Tom Taylor at radio-info.com for clearing this up.

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