Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today Is Not Only The 10th Anniversary Of 9/11

Perhaps you, like me, are pretty close to having your, excuse the expression, head explode over every channel on TV (including ESPN News) running almost constant 9/11 programming since yesterday.

Today is something else very special, National Grandparents Day.  I've lost all my Grandparents, and I miss them.  But sometimes you need Grandpa or Grandma for comic relief, so I present this from for your consideration.
My guess is you'd rather read this than my rant about how we were told 10 years ago to go about our business, visit Disney World, and have a good old time so the economy doesn't crumble and therefore the Terrorists win.  I remember our leaders telling us that every time I, uh, look at the economy and state of our government.

Makes me wonder 10 years later who really DID win.  I know my late Papa Udie would have an opinion on that.  Happy Grandparents Day Udie, Josephine, Max, and Sarah.  You're in a better place than you'd want to be in.
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