Thursday, February 02, 2012

Proctor And Gamble Brand Synergy At Its Best

In the media world, we always talk about "synergy", which is a nice way of saying "what have you done for me lately?". For example, if a company owns a radio station and TV station in the same market, they promote each other for free, creating "synergy".  At one time, I was even paid a "synergy bonus" for having my radio station play nice with other things the company owned.

Proctor And Gamble has taken the notion of synergy to a new level with these commercials.  Truly BRILLIANT!

There may be more, but these two have now set the bar, as it were, for brand synergy.  P&G owns Bounce, Charmin, and Old Spice, and mixing the brands in these commercials is creative genius.

I know we'll be seeing a bunch of great commercials around the Super Bowl, but I'd venture to say that these spots are every bit, if not more, creative than the annual parade of Super Bowl ads.

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