Sunday, June 21, 2009

Iran Revolution 2009

There is so much to say about what's happening in Iran and around the world. The rigging of an election, the terror heaped upon citizens by government, and how the story has been broadcast and spun by both Mainstream Media and the brave new world of Social Media.

There are hours of video, thousands of pictures, and scores of real life stories about the mess in Iran. I think this video is very powerful and brings so many of the emotions together. I don't know the person who created it, but she is very gifted. Thanks to Alyssa Milano for passing this along.

Watch it. And be thankful for our "freedom", as flawed as it may be.

I guess I can't avoid a droplet of humor in any post, and I'm paraphrasing a joke I heard Friday. At least in America, when we steal an election the results are close. (reference to 2000) Sadly, it seems that you can't say that about the "election" in Iran.

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