Monday, June 15, 2009


Its no secret that I've been more than a little bit critical of Metro, the St. Louis public transit system, for their incomprehensible lack of decent management and horrendous service cuts. The cuts have made thousands of people in the St. Louis region change their commuting habits, and many even change their jobs.

I won't rehash old posts, but I've written below about the tremendous efforts of the Mayor and staff of the city of Chesterfield, MO to get service restored to that suburb. For that I am eternally grateful. Now comes word from Metro that
a significant amount of bus service is likely to be restored in August of this year.

Assuming Missouri Governor Jay Nixon finds the bill on the pile of unsigned laws on his desk and signs it in the near future, about a third of the bus service that was slashed earlier this year will be returned.

It ain't over til its over, but it looks like Metro has worked hard to get the money they need and put it where its most needed. I applaud them on their efforts and only hope everything goes as planned.

Of course, the situation will be updated here.
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