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President Obama, Unwilling Chicago Cubs Fan

by Dan Fogarty | 5:37 pm, April 16th, 2010

President Barack Obama’s allegiance to the Chicago White Sox is a well-publicized fact: he donned a Sox cap after his White House win, called to congratulate Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle after his perfect game last July, and awkwardly wore a White Sox hat with another team’s jacket whilst throwing out the first pitch on opening day.
But while this has surely been a source of pride for White Sox fans, the president’s public flaunting of team spirit has surely ticked off Washington politicos who root for the Sox hated crosstown rival, the Chicago Cubs. So what do you do when your commander-in-chief roots for the team that you despise?
You make him a member of the Verban Memorial Society, your politically-connected Chicago Cubs fan club, without his knowledge.
This bipartisan group, which is based in Washington and dedicated to supporting the Chicago Cubs, has 700 members ranging in political temperament from Dick Cheney to Rahm Emanuel. For 35 years, no ideological clash, corruption scandal or fruitless season of Cubs baseball has been able to fracture the unusual bond between its members, who meet up for game outings and luncheons.

The only criteria for Verban membership, is to be nominated by a person on the inside.
So who was this “person on the inside?” Who would be conniving enough to make Obama a member of a Cubs fan club, without his knowledge? Dick Cheney is too obvious, and although we could totally see Rahm Emanuel flipping out about his boss’s baseball allegiance, surely he wouldn’t jeopardize his work place environment.
Our prime suspects are Senator Dick Durbin and columnist George Will, both of whom are Verban members, and both of whom sounded a tad proud of themselves when asked about their newest constituent:
“I know it will be hard for him to accept this accolade,” Mr. Durbin said. “It’s like telling him he was elected to the board of directors of the Republican National Committee.” Conservative columnist George Will, a Verban stalwart, says the president ought to embrace his induction. “Diversity,” he says. “It’s a great liberal value.”
Oh, snap!
To add insult to injury, when the White House found out about Obama’s membership, a staffer called the club’s founder (and former member of the Nixon administration) Bruce Ladd. When the staffer inquired about Obama’s removal from the club, he was flatly denied.

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This is a monumental occasion. POTUS is now a fan of the TEAM OF DESTINY, the 2010 Chicago CUBS!
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