Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Breathtaking Fashion Retrospective On The Late Colonel Muammar El-Gaddafi. | Happy Place

Own that runway girl!
The world may have just lost a wildly unhinged fascist dictator, but hell just gained a wildly uninhibited fashion icon. Had Gaddafi been a contestant on Project Runway, there is no way he would ever have been accused of "boring Nina," though he might have gotten the occasional "that crotch is insane!" from Michael Kors. In his memory, we've gathered some of his more insane, and insanely fabulous, looks from throughout his decades of volatile rule.


Sunday Brunch With The Girlsdaffi



1978 Caprice Classic Upholsterydaffi

Don't Forget My Homiesdaffi

Lovely In Layersdaffi

I Have A Naughty Secretaffi

Unusual Susepctaffi
Oh how he will be missed. Many thanks to and for the chilling retrospective.
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