Thursday, October 06, 2011

Westboro Church Will Protest Jobs’ Funeral, Uses iPhone to Make Announcement -The Inquisitr

Westboro Baptist Church Steve Jobs
You can add awesome computers, music-changing iPods and revolutionary iPhones to the list of things God apparently hates according to the hate-spewing Westboro Baptist Church.
The outfit- headed up by prejudice-monger Fred Phelps and daughter Megan- has made a name for itself by harassing grieving families in their darkest hour, with practices like picketing the funerals of dead US soldiers with signs reading “Thank God for IEDs.” It’s clear there is no true biblical basis for their hatred, and anyone could see their behavior is directly contrary to the teachings of Christ. Their selection of any high profile deceased person is painfully obvious with news of their newest target- Apple founder Steve Jobs.
The outpouring of grief over the loss of Jobs at 56 is a testament to how valued his contribution to technology truly is. (Note: I am typing this on a MacBook.) Jobs was not known for any sort of embrace of sin or even general unpleasantness, but that hasn’t stopped the Westboro Baptist Church in their plans to intrude on his family’s grief with one of their vulgar demonstrations.
Megan Phelps gleefully used Twitter to announce the hate group’s plans to picket Jobs’ funeral:
“Westboro will picket his funeral. He had a huge platform; gave God no glory and taught sin… No peace for man who served self, not God. Westboro must picket.”
With much class, Phelps appended the hashtag #hellgreetedhim to her tweets, but the kicker is that the hatemonger-in-training made the announcement to Twitter from her iPhone. So if Jobs is guilty of some amorphous sin for making our world a bit more connected, surely the Phelpses will be joining him in eternal torment for supporting his alleged sinful empire.

Mark's comment: Some things you just can't make up. This almost sounds like a post from The Onion, but it is from The Inquisitr and completely true. 
I posted last night that I am not an Apple Fanboy, my work has kept me in the PC world since 1984.  Before that it was Commodore and TI hardware. But I have always admired Steve Jobs and put him in the league of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford when it comes to people who have fundimentally changed our lives.  He was a great man, died a horrible and unfair death, and will be missed. 
For Westboro Baptist Church to even think about coming 1000 miles, let alone 1000 feet from Steve Jobs' funeral is truly a sin they should be punished for.
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