Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm Turkey

I figured I needed to have some kind of Thanksgiving post since I'm seeing that anyone who can give me a job has either physically or mentally checked out for the long weekend, and it's only Tuesday afternoon.  So, with great thanks to "The Sleep Doctor", Michael Breus, MD, time to debunk a big Thanksgiving myth.  And yes, I do feel like one of the Mythbusters.  Probably Adam Savage.

The Truth About Turkey

Ever wonder about Thanksgiving and all those sleepy feelings after the meal? Was it the tryptophan in the turkey? It's time to bust that turkey myth. While turkey does have tryptophan in it, which is a precursor to Melatonin, the key that starts the engine for sleep, you would need to eat a 46 pound turkey to get enough tryptophan to make you sleep. Not only that, tryptophan does not work in the presence of large amounts of protein, so even if you could that enourmous turkey, the protein would probably make it less effective.
So why so tired after that meal? The likely culprits are the stress with traveling, making the big meal, and possibly visiting with all those relatives.
There are some sleep friendly foods if you are looking for a a good snack before bed. Meals or snacks high in carbohydrates, with  a small amount of protein, eaten one and half hours before bed, seem to help induce sleep. Perfect examples include cheese and crackers or a small bowl of non-sugar cereal, or even a very small piece of cheesecake.  If you are more into fruit as a natural healthy snack then think about tart cherries or tart cherry juice. Studies show it has more natural melatonin than any other fruit and lots of anti-aging antioxidants as well.
To you and yours, best wishes for a joyous Thanksgiving weekend! If you run into someone who can give me a job, please tell them I'm home for the holiday and ready to take their call.
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