Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmastime Is Here, And So Is A Multimedia Extravaganza Of Christmas Joy

If you're like many people, you're working this week before Christmas, but you're really not working.  You're having cookie exchanges, Secret Santa time, and generally not thinking about much more than Christmas.  On a side note, if you're a Hiring Manager, you should be giving me a job for Christmas.  Just sayin'.

But that's not why I wrote this post.  As the person known as "Santa Jew", I'm sharing some audio and video to make your spirits bright.  Let's face it, most of the Christmas music on the radio kind of sucks and is full of commercials, so I've created special Christmas With Santa Jew channels on Pandora and Spotify, free for your listening pleasure.  Simply click on the service's name and you're IN.  You can  put them on at work, at home, or wherever you want to enjoy some cool Christmas carols.  And since I don't have a job, that's about the only gift you'll be getting from me this year. 

But wait, there's more.  And this is a GREAT way to kill time while you're pretending to work, watching some Christmas videos.  I've assembled a few of my faves for your consumption.

Mariah Carey created what many consider the only Christmas Classic song of the 1990's, "All I Want For Christmas Is You".  Being that I'm Santa Jew, I kind of prefer this version of the song.

Darlene Love is a living legend, from her work with Phil Spector in the 1960's, and the classic "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)".  She made a new Christmas song a few years ago for Saturday Night Live.

For a bit more solemn take on the holiday, South Park's Eric Cartman is your man, uh, boy.

I'm a huge Michael Buble fan, and already knew he had a new Christmas CD this year.  What I didn't know is that he had a SECOND Chirstmas CD!

I'm not the only person with too much time on my hands.  There's this person who did quite the mashup of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and The Police.

What's the Holiday season without a good old fashioned Flash Mob?  This one was led by "Mr. Christmas", Darth Vader.

Flash Mobs are not the games of the young.  Here are some Senior Citizens taking over what looks like a Target store.

And no celebration of Christmas is complete without Nat King Cole doing The Christmas Song.  Here's the real thing, and it just doesn't get better than this.

That ought to give you plenty of things to do while you're running out the clock waiting for whenever the boss lets you out of work for Christmas. 

Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe, Happy New Year!

From The Late Show With David Letterman, two great videos, the story of my favorite TV moment of the year, Darlene Love's annual performance of "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" and a mashup of all her performances over the years.  Thanks to CBS and Worldwide Pants for sharing!

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