Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tis The Night Before Christmas, Here Are Some Stocking Stuffers

My last post featured some of my favorite Christmas and Hanukkah videos from over the years.  Of course, I posted that before some "fresh product" appeared on the TV sets and computers of scores of people across this great land of ours.

From Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on NBC, a "Mad Libs" version of  "A Visit From Saint Nicholas", better known  as "The Night Before Christmas".

And if you prefer audio, an amazing rendition of the piece (as written by Clement Moore in 1823) by 31 of the best voice actors in the business.
  TwasTheNightBeforeChristmas by ptvoicesforchildren
The recording will be released this week and all sales and donations to Voices For Children will benefit Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA. The entire cast will assemble at the hospital on Christmas Eve for a live performance and donation.  Entertainment Tonight has the story and video from the voiceover session.

Here's to a very Merry Christmas to you and yours!
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