Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Tales From The Programming Den

I usually don't use my blogs to talk about my work, mainly because I like to keep my job and sometimes talking about work can be a breach of various company policies.  But, I have a great work story to share, and this is the forum in which to do it.

Point_Logo_Stack50 I program a radio station in Kansas City 99.7 The Point.  Our Morning Man, Kelly Urich, is enamored with Peggy Bunker from ABC TV's World News Now, the show that runs on the network overnight. 

Yesterday morning, Kelly was as happy as a little girl because he had "friended" Peggy on Facebook and she accepted his request.  He was so wild about it that he talked about it on the air. 

Kelly Urich Friended By Peggy Bunker

Pretty cool, I must admit.  Being the troublemaker that I am, I sent Peggy a note to let her know about what Kelly had to say.  She wrote me back, and Kelly's partner Mackenzie read the exchange on the air. 

Kelly Urich May Be A Stalker

Peggybunker Now, don't get me wrong.  Kelly is a happily married man, but he's also a big fan of Peggy's.  And its cool for any of us to be friends, either fake Facebook friends or real friends with someone on TV. 

Well, the good people at World News Now SOMEHOW got the audio of Kelly talking about Peggy and their close personal friendship.  They posted it on their Facebook page, which you can go to by clicking the link above.  Just scroll down and you'll see it. 

I let Kelly know about the posting, and he reacted to it on the air this morning.  He was co-hosting with Danni Boatwright, a Kansas City person who, among many other cool things, won Survivor and they talked about it AGAIN this morning.

Kelly Urich reacts to Peggy Bunker Day 2

Radio is supposed to be fun, and we shouldn't take what we do too seriously.  Kelly and Peggy have created a great "bit" that I hope will go on for a good long time.  But I still think Danni could "take" Peggy.  And me too.  Probably at the same time.


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