Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Is What Happens When You Write A Negative Review Of The Samsung Nexus S 4G Phone

If you've been following me over the last couple of weeks, you know that I've had a very bad experience with my smartphones.  I left Blackberry and Verizon for the new Samsung Nexus S 4G on Sprint. To say the least, I've been disappointed and unhappy with the decision.  The phone is amazing, but it has serious flaws in its ability to get a decent signal and hold a charge.  

I've been working with some very well meaning people at Sprint on this issue since day one, and am now on my second device, which started out working well but seems to have had a steep decline in quality of signal as it got past its third day of use.  I've posted findings and observations on Sprint's community forums, but Sprint is still not officially saying there are issues with the device.  As of now, there are 310 posts (and counting) about issues with this phone on Sprint's forums alone.

The phone is technically a "Google Experience" device, so Google has had a lot of traffic on their help forums as well, but again has not come out to say that there is a recognized issue with the device.  Over 80 posts as of now on that site.

Then there's Samsung, the maker of the device.  They too have forums and places to review their products, but it's been interesting that unlike the carrier (Sprint) and software developer (Google) the hardware maker (Samsung) has had mainly glowing reviews for their baby.  Odd that on every other website, carrier, software maker, tech journalism, independent reviews, the signal issue and low battery life issues have been a big topic, but NOT on Samsung's site. 

I wrote a fair and honest ONE STAR review of their phone, complimenting the hardware but brining the signal problems and fact that nobody has openly acknowledged them or said there would be a fix on Saturday, May 21. Today, Wednesday, May 25, I received this note from Samsung:

Thanks for leaving a review. Unfortunately, your review did not meet our posting guidelines. This may be because it contained references to other products;or to pricing, ordering, delivery or other customer service issues. Your feedback is important because it helps others make informed choices about Samsung products. We invite you to read our" style="color: #666666;">posting guidelines, then" style="color: #666666;">log in to your account on Samsung.comto post a new review.">Read our posting guidelines >

In other words, you were too rough and honest with us, and we don't want you posting bad things about our products, so we won't let your post go up on our forums.

Now I understand that it's Samsung's website and they can control what they put on it.  But this strikes of good old CENSORSHIP, not letting the negative reviews of their product on their site.  Not exposing the faults with their device, and continuing to cover up the fact that there is a SERIOUS defect with the unit. 

Read the Sprint and Google forums for yourself.  You'll see that I'm not some crazy lone wolf in Kansas complaining about a problem that doesn't exist.  But you won't find those kinds of posts on Samsung's forums.  If Samsung isn't being honest and transparent with its customers about the problems with the Nexus S 4G, how can they be trusted to be forthwright about any of their products? 

I know Sprint is trying to figure this mess out.  I haven't had personal contact with Google, but I assume they don't want a device with their name on it to be junk.  But I've written a review that was censored and spoken with Samsung's alleged Executive Offices, and they are lying to the public about the fact that there even is an issue and being disingenuous at best when it comes to dealing with their customers. 

Buyer beware.

Posted via email from Mark Edwards 3.0

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